how did we findout about volcanoes ? Hame jwalamukhi ke bare me kaise pata chala?

why  here are volcanos?what they  can do to environment?what are the causes of volcanos ?all those questions are answered by isaac asimov in his science books

asimov on volcanos




how did we know about origin of human species! Manavjati ki suruaat kaise hui?

Untill the last two centuries we don’t know how we come to earth? who we are ? how we become the way we are?why we are more intelligent than others? all those questions are answered by isaac asimov in his science series book.

isaac asimov on origin of humans


isaac asimov on origin of humans

how we find out about germs by isaac asimovin Hame bacteria or virus ke base me kaise pata chala?

how did we find out about germs

isaac asimov now take us in the world of micro organism .there are lots of questions like what is bacteria?how we came to know that there are single cell organisms?how we know some of them are causes of diseases ?what is vaccination?how we defeat those virus and bacteria ?all those questions are given with interesting history by isaac asimov .

Hame sagar ki gahraiyo ki jindgi ke bare me kaise pata chala?

How did we find out deep sea world   by ISAAC ASIMOV  IN HINDI

All time famous one of the greatest science popularizer  and best author in sci-fi  novels isaac asimov write some books on general science with interesting in this book he gave us the idea on how we know how much deep the sea is?, is there is life at deep inside sea? how we know about it?is there is plant without light?how the life cycle works at there in dark?

Why people believe weird things? by Michael Shermer

people believe weird things like ghost ,paranormal activity,alien abduction,psychic power ,miracles all those things which are rejected by science .but,still people believe in such things .why? If you want answer than travel through this amazing book written by Michael Shermer a skeptical inquire and a director  of skeptic society founded in US

why people believe weird things michel shermen

The demon hunted world by carl sagan(science as a candle in dark)

   the demon haunted world by carl sagan (science as a candle in dark). new york times best seller.  if you want to know skeptically how the miracles work ?,what is alien abduction? ,what is hallucinations? please read this book written by famous astrophysist carl sagan.